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Asiatic Rebels


Asiatic Rebels free muslim hip-hop rap islamic nasheed downloads

'We are two young Muslims from the city of Birmingham U.K, we started writing 5 years ago, making songs followed soon after, naturally we were influenced heavily by commercial hip-hop and the local grime and rap scene. In mid 2008 we both discovered Islam causing us to re-evaluate our lives and see the world with the internal as well as the external eye. This enabled to see the destructive nature commercial hip hop, R&B, and local artists’ music was having on the youth . Lyrics heavy on violence and sexuality created by local ‘Muslim’ rappers circulated amongst the youth and in our eyes caused a notable change in behavior and imitation of the kaffir. Having discussed our options we decided to re brand ourselves as the Asiatic Rebels, and devote ourselves to the deen of Al-Islam, creating music with an Islamic message and to vent our grievances and struggles as young Muslims living in a post 9/11 world.'

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Keep The Faith Download
Living The Struggle Download
Enemies Plot Download
Walk In The Tunnels Download
Last Dayz Download
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Asiatic Rebels Download
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very good tunes my brothers keep it up it is good what you are doing. so erm wen did yu start spitting we will make a collabo my brother tc inshallah



:) Mashallah good tunes keep them coming inshallah xx



Wallah my brothers welcome to Islam. May Allah bless you. i like ur music... keep spreading truth and knowledge through ur rhymes. May Allah bless ur path insha Allah


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