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Life Convict


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"To Live Unknown" was Released in Mid 2004, a Project that began in 2001 of bringing true Revolutionary Hip-Hop to the frontlines. Two artists/producers from Southern California, [Liquid & Caprice] released To Live Unknown, one of hopefully many albums that will speak about Global Oppression, Masonic undertakings, the Political and Corporate world and to speak with a true Islamic mindset. Disgusted with the state of what Hip-Hop was in, these two soldiers began writing and self-producing an album with thirteen powerful tracks, to hopefully teach and to motivate people of what the future holds. At the same time, To Live Unknown proves that the underground is sharper than before and people are ready for a Revolutionary uprising. With To Live Unknown in place, the Life-Convicts can show the game that Sex, Money and Drugs are a concept of the past. The true lyricism speaking about political actions in the world today and life experiences with betrayal. the Life-Convicts come off as a two soldiers that don't have much to lose. The Beat production done on their own for their own label: "No Surrender Records", proves to be some of projects for the Life-Convicts and is regarded as the first step to educate the youth.

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Killuminati!!!! Brilliant songs, however in the Qur'an it does say musical instruments (apart from the duff/daff) are haraam. I love the idea of bringing the general public aware of the Illuminati. "The struggle" is nice though, "Why are we killing each other we all came from Adam and Eve" totally true. Thanks, Peace out. P.S. what happened to "We came we conquered", and what happened to the lyrics?


What happened to the lyrics and what happened to "We came we conquered"???



They come up with a list of corrupted religions, they say Islam is next... So true. Masha'allah brothers, keep at it. I'm 13 and I think that this is AWESOME! We need to educate the youth about the Ummah's situation. P.S: Through the Eyes of a Souljiah is the best!



you have woken my heart lon live allah the great elohim may his soldiers stand strong may the angels guide them this from an anglo peace be with you all!



salam bruv .. em totally lost dont know wut to say .. em out of words .. MAY ALLAH BLESSS YA ALL .. ur source of inspiration for meeh .. started to think that i need to do sumthing the way u do it .. they say must be da change u wish to see in da world .. ma assalam



distinct song bruv LIVE LONG !!!!



Great songs :)


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