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Pearls of Islam


Pearls of Islam free muslim hip-hop rap islamic nasheed downloads

The Pearls of Islam is a group of two young African Caribbean muslimahs. They are the first generation of born African Caribbean Muslims in England. as both their parents reverted. The Pearls of Islam perform a mixture of nasheeds, rap, poetry and spoken word. They perform with music which includes the traditional Dumbek and Djembe, they also use various instrument, and are now working on incorporating the guitar and the dijerdoo into their pieces. Their varied work captures the attention of all types of audiences, non Muslim and Muslim alike. The Nasheeds which the girls perform are in both English and Arabic and written with enthusiasm and love. Each piece has been worked on individually and expresses the love for Allah (SWT), His religion, His beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), life and of course their spiritual teacher, Shaykh Muhammad Nazim. They have been together for almost three years, and already have travelled the whole of the UK, and have just come back from doing a tour with mecca2medina in the Netherlands. They emphasises on spreading the love of Rasululah(saw) and the love of Haq(truth) in their hearts and everyone else.

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dont leave me Download
Love is the bond that binds the heart Download
a song for you Download
POI thats Me Download
The Guide Download
Unveiled Download
Ya Allah Download


nice one thx



i just heard "never leave me alone'' and i really enjoyed it, still haven't checked out the rest but i'm sure they're just as good... ~wishing u all the best from suadi arabia


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