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Quest-Rah free muslim hip-hop rap islamic nasheed downloads

Quest-Rah is an innovative UK Hip Hop MC and producer, blending sharp lyricism with poetry - over ethnic sounds and rugged beats. He's generating a buzz on the UK hip-hop scene and international underground scene alike with his thought provoking lyrics and interesting production style. Quest-Rah's music, whilst touching on spiritual, political, social, and historical issues transcends cultural boundaries, and is enjoyed globally by the deep thinker and the simple music fan alike. Quest started making music, after gathering a large collection of hip hop and wanting to blend elements from different genres into the art form. After gaining attention and positive feedback on his online pages, and whilst hooking up with another sharp MC named "Scarab," the two teamed up to record an EP named 'Red Alert'. The album focused on the current"War on Terror" which was at its peak at the time of recording and also dealt with social, and spiritual issues in what some may see as a 'cryptic' or 'indirect' manner. Positive feedback followed, including top reviews from online review sites, and magazines. In late 2006, during promotion of the 'Red Alert'CD, Quest-Rah got involved in a project with prominent UK hip hop group Blakstone, who were organizing an album, followed by a tour - dealing with the issue of Palestine. It was a turning point for Quest - as he regarded it as work for an important cause, and he thinks no work would contain blessing without a positive cause. He recorded a track called "The Groves" and also provided a beat, which was recorded and titled "UN (United Neglectors)" and featured Masikah and Scarab. Now, a few years after the 'Red Alert' project, Quest has released his long anticipated solo project - a mixtape titled 'Quest-Rah : Ancient Tapes Vol.1.' The mixtape boasts a list of big beats and a host of talented artists providing their support. The tracks cover many issues in an artistic manner, from empowering of the mind and life in the big city, to describing the run up to the current political climate through Arabian Nights stories and concepts. There's an empowering track about dreams, a roll call to our youth to stop the senseless violence and much more.

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The Groves Download
Democratik Dictatorz Download
UN (United Neglectors) Download
Gundown at Sundown Download
Calm Before The Storm Download

sabri nasser

salaam, I am your brother in Islam My name is Sabri and admire you and I sing rap from Makkah. Group {west side soldiers} Joker Jr. and Daklee>>this me


Mohamud moumen

i meet quest rah in the square he gave me a free cd he is nice



Salaam. I cant get the lyrics from the lyrics button next yo the download. (Wanted Quest-Rah - Calm before the storm lyrics). Jazakallah.


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