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Soldiers of Allah


Soldiers of Allah free muslim hip-hop rap islamic nasheed downloads

SOLDIERS OF ALLAH” is Muslim rap group from Los anglesThe last “SOLDIARS OF ALLAH” album 1924 was their most Successful album. The name of the album refers to the Year 1924 when UMMAH "Islamic state" was destroyed by Ataturk (KUFFAR). The album was recorded before 9/11,But it is supposed that after 9/11 the group become Controversial as Islam came into public awareness in America. They are the 1st Islamic rap group to offer there rap nasheed/song free thru the inter net because they believe that their no copyright in ISLAM. "SOLDIARS OF ALLAH"s view in there rap 's includes unifying the UMMAH and setting one strong KHALIFA (Islamic state). In their songs they often refer to glories men of Islamic history, Like Abdul hamid 2nd, SALAheddin, Khalid bin Walid, Harun al-Rashid, They stand against corrupted Islamic regimes/Muslim week in there belief And Kuffar. They point out that ISLAM is complete, Unlike Christianity and Judaism ("we have system they have only religion") “SOLDIARS OF ALLAH” has been quite popular in the Muslim community in the west, then gained massive popularity in other part of Muslim UMMAH , middle east/Indonesia/Bangladesh/Pakistan/Malaysia, they have gained an extremely wide international audience all around the world .They are the most well known and popular Islamic rap/hip hop group in the Muslim world. “SOLDIARS OF ALLAH” web site has been shut down because of the presser of US govt, And the group disbanded . Its hope soldiers of Allah will one day regroup and Released another album, "SOA 3 - the return of ISLAM" and the featured nasheed will be "By Islam we're family". the mp3 was released. but the hosting site is now defunct. as of December 2007 , there’s no news of “SOLDIARS OF ALLAH”s new album. we hope Soldiers of Allah will release there new album soon.

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Sibbir Sihan

Salam alakum ya akhi!! That's Nice!! But what happened to the Lyrics of No Compromice???



mashalah great work when would you come back i even listen it at school



Hi i was just want to suggest a artist Muslim Belal



Hello my broadher, I'm From Turkey in Ýstanbul...



allahukabar i love solider of allah i even benig listing in pakistan i told my realtivis to listen to it they liked it to



my brothers in islam,thinks for your best nasheeds & al salamo alaykom wa rahmat alah wa barakatoh



allahuakbar..keep going. Allah will help ya"all



i love this album, so matche, and i want to sey: don't giv up brothers becous allah is with us so god bliss you all soldres of allah.


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